I’ve Hit The Wall

5 books in 5 years.  5 book tours.  Divorce.  People who act like assholes.  Indifference, politics, nightmares, depression, anxiety, panic, and everything else that goes with these subjects have worn me down.

The public (most people), in their goal of trying to make themselves  “look” or “appear”  better than others, have sucked the life right out of me.  Some say they are friends when they are not.  Some try to “cheer” me up with convoluted theories and isms.  Some even try “tough” love.  I’m immune to all of it.  None of it works anymore because I see right through the bullshit.  I have flaws, you have flaws.

We are all flawed.

A woman who constantly berated and attempted to manipulate me has died.  Her name was Valerie Parkhurst, aka Valigator.  I fought with this woman for years, always attempting to out-troll her.  I felt like I hated this woman, but after her death, I changed my tune completely.  As we all know, each one of us WILL die.  There is no sense in trying to fight it because we will lose.  Upon her death, I felt a sympathy that I’m so very glad still exists within me.  I looked up her postmortem funeral home and left a heartfelt and real message:  “Although we had our differences in life, I pray that you find peace in death through our Lord Jesus.”  I really meant it and hope she finds peace, although it’s not my choice.  It is between her and God.  I just hope I helped.  Unfortunately, there are others, like 39 yr-old 270 lb. Derek W. Logue of Cincinnati, who not only celebrated her death and trip to Hell, but wished many others, including me, the same fate.  Sad, isn’t it?

Derek has spent a great deal of time teasing me about my weight (much of which I have lost), and criticizing my sympathy over a passed away woman.  That kind of bullshit is wearing on my human soul.  We need to learn how to forgive and forget.  Derek, unfortunately, doesn’t get that because his bitterness runs so deep.  I pray for Derek too.  Any one of us could be gone any day.  Let’s not be angry with one another on that day.

I’m burned out.  In my 5 books since 2010, I have written nearly 750,000 words that encompassed 20,000 pages.  I did a lot of research, typing and interviewing in that time.  I’m tired and depressed.  I have nothing more to give right now.  I feel numb.  If anybody thought a writer’s job was easy??  I have to laugh.  It’s a tough job.  You put your heart into something and get very little in return.  You put your work out there and hope for the best from people.  While 75% of feedback is positive, that 25% crap hurts like a bitch.  I don’t even read the reviews any more.  They are too painful.

I really could go on and on, but this is just a post, not a novel.  Please remember….any one of us could die at any moment.  Let’s please be kind to others.

I’m tired and I’m fried……torched….I hope I live to write another book..






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Sister to Sister (Love Conquers All)

Colette 2


My Dearest Colette,

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you and think of you.  My imagination often runs wild with thoughts of how life would be if you were still here today.  What would you have made of your life? Would you have followed in the footsteps of our parents and made a living as a talented artist?  Perhaps you would have followed your heart and found a way to spend your days working with animals or caring for horses that you loved so much.  Undoubtedly, you’d be a sweet and caring Auntie and sister who could be turned to in times of need.



You touched the people around you in such a profound way.  Although time continues to heal our breaking hearts, it will not erase our cherished memories of you.  Your kind-hearted nature and love for life made you the best sister and friend I could’ve ever wished to have.  My heart knows you’re still doing what big sisters do, watching out for me and protecting me from Heaven.  Your love touches my soul every day.  You’re my angel, guarding and guiding me as I journey through life.



Those who knew you will never forget you and it’s my personal mission to make sure that your memory lives on.  My children were never blessed with the opportunity to meet you, but they know they have an Auntie Angel watching them from Heaven.  In your honor, your niece bears your middle name and has your initials. 



We miss you more than words can say, we love you more than words can express.  You will live on in our hearts forever.


All My Love,  M.




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# 1 Again!!!!!

A Motion for Innocence…And Justice for All?  Has reached # 1 again!!  http://www.amazon.com/author/shaunwebb

Product Details

amazon labe;l

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Updated Book Rankings and New Reviews

A Motion for Innocence…And Justice for All?




“The Crime Was How The Case Was Handled!”

By W. L. Weller
Overall- 5 stars
Performance- 5 stars
Story- 5 stars

Very compelling story. A man’s life gets destroyed over a single accusation. Poor legal representation isn’t that surprising but when the Judge shows up late then rushes the trial it’s clear that a fair and impartial hearing is not possible, even in America.

“Justice Derailed”

By Paul

Overall- 4 stars

Performance- 4 stars

Story- 4 stars

Webb’s story is a study in frustration. I kept hoping that he would be liberated from his horror by a Deus Ex Machina miracle, but no such salvation was at hand. How galling that he was forced to pay with days of his life for a tissue of lies and nastiness.
My single criticism of the narrative is that it frequently assumes a preachy, strident tone.
It is an otherwise compelling story.



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A Little More About Shaun Webb.

Shaun Webb leads a quiet life in Michigan. Shaun enjoys reading, writing and his loyal Border Collie. Shaun has recently become a #1 ranked author on Amazon’s perspectives of law, conflicts of crime and theories of law charts.

Shaun continues to work on various projects. Shaun’s novels, Black Jacks, A Killer for the Queen, Behind the Brick, A Motion for Innocence…And Justice for All?, and Lost Youth are available on Amazon in audio, softcover and Kindle.


If you’re a Nook user, he can be found at:


Shaun’s first book, A Motion for Innocence, has been featured in the Milford (MI) Times newspaper and on the Education Examiner website out of Michigan. Shaun has also been interviewed on the ARC radio network in Oklahoma City, Ok, The Sam in the Morning with Bridgetta show out of Los Angeles, Ca, and The Tom Madison Show out of Portland, Oregon.

His second novel, Black Jacks, is a mystery that hits on all cylinders. Probing insanity, murder, corruption and social injustice, it will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. Add to that earthly elements, wicca and a touch of religion; good and bad, and you have a book that you can’t put down.

A Killer for the Queen was released 3-24-12. Shaun decided to mix a common fairy tale, romance, murder and action all in one novel. It came out with a perfect balance to keep the reader not in a “whodunnit”, but more in a “how do you solve it”. It’s a fun read and is less dark than the previous novel, Black Jacks (Volume One). It’s still good and creepy though. Read it at night when you’re alone. Double-dare you.

His novel “Behind the Brick” depicts the United States circa 2050. The book deals with Government corruption, martial law, and a larger-than-expected bricked facility to house the lepers of society.
Where and what is this “bricked” facility? Who are the lepers of society? What kind of madness within the Government will culminate in the possible transference to tyranny in the US? Get your copy today and find out.

Lost Youth: A True Story, delves into a fateful October 1981 night in Waterford, Michigan that rocked a quiet family’s peace and shook an entire community to its deepest emotional depth.
Colette Molyneaux, 13, a cute, healthy and happy teenager, paid the ultimate price in a criminal’s horrible thirst for blood. Nancy Molyneaux, Colette’s mother, also suffered enormously, enduring the violent act of rape on top of losing a dear daughter.
Who was responsible for these monstrous crimes? Why did such a bright light and friendly young lady have to be extinguished so brutally? More to the point; what factors could have possibly contributed to the awful situation?
In his search for the truth, Shaun digs into the police investigation, forensic science and interviews with the people who were closest to Colette along with others involved in the tragic case.
Emotionally wrenching and infuriatingly sad, Lost Youth: A True Story seeks answers which are elusive in nature. The story will soften the hardest heart and challenge one’s deepest logic.
You are the jury. Study all of the facts and see if you can come up with the answer that resists disclosure. The surprises this case exposes will perplex you like nothing you’ve ever heard or read.
Colette speaks with us from the spiritual world; can we take just a moment to listen?

Lost Youth has been featured in newspapers all over Michigan.

Other links directly to Shaun’s audio books:



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I Will Not Tolerate Violence Against Women!

I have been forced into a most unfortunate decision:  I am pulling Behind the Brick from the ACX audio version due to revoltingly unforeseen circumstances.  I recently found out that my narrator, Roy Wells, also reads about incest and violent porn.

I can accept gay and lesbian reading, no problem; but when it comes to incest and violent acts bordering on rape against women, no way.  The books he reads encourage sexual relations between brother and sister, cousins, and parents with their children.  It also encourages and sexualizes violence against women.  I will not tolerate it, no matter how well the book sells.

Some of the titles from Roy Wells of New Jersey include:

The Virgin Teen Begs for Uncle’s Cum Inside Her Fertile Body

Anyway, I think you see my problem here.  Roy offered to relinquish his part of the contract, but for an exorbitant amount of money.  Is that a surprise?  No.  He already sells out to porn that is sick and disgusting in it’s subject matter.
I am going to attempt to have a different version of Behind the Brick uploaded and read by a more reputable narrator, but I will have to wait and see what happens.
I am disgusted……..If you would like to share your opinion with Roy, he can be contacted at Roy951@gmail.com    Please feel free to give him your opinion on the matter.
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Words from Steve Blizin

Steve is the narrator of my two true crime audio books, Lost Youth and A Motion for Innocence.  I’d like to link you to a few articles Steve released regarding the works.  Of course, all the info for where to pick up the works are on this blog and on Mr. Blizin’s articles.  Enjoy!!

http://www.steveblizin.com/available-now/here-come-da-judge/#comment-610 http://www.steveblizin.com/available-now/when-justice-isnt-just/ http://www.steveblizin.com/available-now/lost-youth-audiobook-now-available/



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