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Derek W. Logue’s Obsession With My Books Continues…

It’s always good to keep a sense of humor in life.  I usually don’t post about losers who relentlessly harass me, lie about me, and spend many hours a day thinking about me, but Derek has a special place in the world of bullying.  Encyclopedia Dramatica’s wonderful depiction of the true Derek Logue is fascinating, accurate and funny.  What’s really comical, though, is that he thinks I’m the one making changes about him on the site.  #1, I don’t have that kind of influence, and # 2, I don’t obsess about this asshole, I just embarrass him.  The latest on the site states that he purchases hookers with his disability money, a point he once made with me personally.

fatass   -Derek W. Logue

Derek likes to refer to me as a “fatass.”  Yep, I was once 280 lbs., but have since dropped to 220, so I really don’t know why he insists on continuously slamming my weight.  By the looks of his pic, it’s just more jealousy and envy on his part. Derek has hit 270, according to Encyclopedia Dramatica, but I refuse to shame anybody about their weight issues.

Well, Mr. Logue has made more comments about my writing ability.  This time I will give my two cents about his hate-filled comments.

Derek- LOL at the jealousy part, BTW. He has written half a dozen books but hadn’t even sold more than a couple hundred books.(Derek has no idea what my sales #’s are).

Derek-I bet the authors at the RSOL Conference sold more books just at the conference than Webb has sold all year. Why he is obsessed with the one ebook I wrote a decade ago is beyond me, as is his unhealthy obsession with my weight (why he’s obsessed with the number 270 is the same reason he uses the same screen names over and over– Jody, Cody, and Marcie have been used numerous times). (Where does he get this shit?  I’m not the only person, by far, who can’t stand this ass wipe).

Derek-I haven’t promoted my book in years and even offer it on my website for free, so why would I care about his silly book sales? (Really?  Perhaps Derek should read his own comments as he writes them-see the two paragraphs above. LOL).

Derek-I do know he had to max out his credit card to make ends meet, so he obviously isn’t doing all that great. (Again, he has no idea about me, my $$$ situation, or anything about my life.  It borders on stalking).

In regards to Amazon, Shaun WAAHHHbb lobbied hard to gets every bad review removed from the site, not just mine. No, my account was never suspended, despite his claims, but Shaun did pay a service to get the negative reviews removed. (Who pays for a service to get reviews removed?  I have shitty reviews on my books, so according to Derek, only his reviews are removed for a price.  Fucking laughable.  Amazon removed his reviews because he is a competing author….that’s it.)

Derek-  I screen shoot everything you say or writes about me, so you better watch out.  (Screenshoot the whole net for all I care.  Nobody cares).

Before closing, let’s rehash some of the comments he has made about his 11 year-old victim (Keep in mind this was an 11 year-old girl).

Derek- She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals. A regular Lolita enjoying her illicit relationships…I have at least some buffer in knowing she was corrupt long before I met her. (You mean when she was 8?  7??  Maybe 5???)

Derek- My victim was a follower.

She acted different away from her sister.

Anyways other people got in trouble over her. Today she’s either 16 or 17. She has a GIRLFRIEND now. She has the reputation of being wild and of loose morals.

Urg….need I say more today?





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The Truth

More from the Evil Derek W. Logue

Shaun Webb, Author

I decided that reviewing his book sank me to his level, so instead, you can just read for yourself about this Ohio resident who is on the sex offender registry as a child predator.


Update 12-10-15: Derek has posted another awful review after having his other one removed. It’s okay, because he’s going to be banned by Amazon. His behavior is also bordering on online bullying. More updates to come. 

Update 12-10-15, 9:37 P.M.,  Derek Logue’s bogus and bullying reviews were removed from my books on Amazon and his account suspended indefinitely.  

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The Evil Derek W. Logue Strikes Again

Why do I show you the nasty, inhumane, evil, childish comments Derek W. Logue, child predator, sends me?  Because I want other writers, along with other people who put themselves out in the public eye, to know that they can take it.  Sticks and stones.  I am really at a loss as to why he is so nasty to me.  All I can think of is jealousy because my books outsell his by miles.  Maybe it’s because his arch-enemy died and he needs a new one.  Perhaps he is just mentally unstable.  No matter, I will share with you what he shares with and about me.

Note:  Derek refers to himself as Oncefallen or Thefallen1 online.

More info about Derek:

The latest:

Post #1…

Blogger Derek said…

I see Shaun Webb is crying over his girlfriend’s death.

Shaun, no one believes you when you claim you receive a boost in sales. I guess when you only sell one book a year and someone buys a second, your book sales increased.

Post #2…

Blogger Derek said…

Shaun Webb DEBUNKED again! LOL. No one buys your bullshit nor your books, Shaun. You can’t even sell enough books to buy gas for the winter. You better hope global warming means a mild winter for you and your stack of unsellable books. On the upside, you can always burn them to keep warm LOL.

Post #3..

Derek said…

The bottom line is that you have no talent, and are desperate for attention since your book sales are terrible (failing to sell more than a couple hundred books).

Shaun WAAAAAAAHHHH-bb, your shtick has gotten tiresome. Here’s an idea– work on your editing and your own weight problem, take stronger meds, and maybe I’ll stop consistently embarrassing you.

Post #4…

Derek said…

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, But, this is how YOU work. You have never had an original idea. Every major character from Behind the Brick was just a ripoff of everyone you know– I was Steve Smith, Shana Rowan was ‘Rachel,” Sal ‘The Gal Parker was Valerie “Valigator” Parkhurst, and Davis Lowe was David Rowe from No Peace For Predators. In fact the NVAC group was a complete ripoff of the NPFP motto. Essentially, Shaun Webb cut-and-pasted NPFP’s posts and motto.

Post #5…

Derek said…

It should be noted that Amazon Audible is a relatively new thing and the numbers of audiobooks pales in comparison to the number of regular books out there. About his alleged book sales? (it can easily be debunked by looking at his real book sales rankings on Amazon).

 I suppose I’m a handy person to throw under the bus.  Doesn’t it also appear that he is insanely focused on my book sales? As for the characters in Behind the Brick?  It’s a fictional book.  It appears that Derek would love to be a character in the book.  Just weird.

I’ll keep you posted…..





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Comments from Derek W. Logue

The following are comments on my blog from Derek W. Logue.  I will add his comments as he sends them too me.  Let it serve as an example of how deep hate and jealousy runs in his blood. Information about Derek can be found at


Derek Logue of commented on I’ve Hit The Wall

5 books in 5 years.  5 book tours.  Divorce.  People who act like assholes.  Indifference, politics, nightmares, …

No one cares about your pathetic writing, Shaun WAAAHHHHbb. It is time you pack it up and get a real job, if you can find a sit-down job for your 300 pound frame. By the way, remember when you claimed you got me kicked off Dr Drew? Well, I guess they didn’t get the memo since I was on the show a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t going to rub your pig snout in it but I see you can’t keep your bitching and whining off my blog.

You should have went to the RSOL conference so at least you could have meet some REAL book writers. Maybe you could have learned something so your books would at least loo like it was written by someone who can spell. Your writing is not “vial” but VILE.

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No, Corey Feldman, Life Is Not Fair, But…

Yes, I watched Corey Feldman perform with his angels on The Today show.  It was different and interesting and did show potential.  It wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but certainly not the worst.  Since that show, Corey has received a ton of hate, ridicule, negative criticism, and people laughing in his face.  Unfortunately, as all of us writers know, it’s par for the course we chose.

Corey said he can’t get out of bed, is afraid to go back out and was tearful toward the nastiness.  He explained that they tried hard and did the best they could.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Trying the best you can?  Walter Matthau told his Bad News Bears to “Go out there and do the best you can.”  What else is there?  Success is not measured by how much money you make, but by how YOU feel about what you are doing. Besides that, even Stephen King said that “If you pay a bill with money you earned from writing, then you are a success.”

My work has been both praised and relentlessly panned.  It hurts when people say awful shit about you and your efforts, but you have to put on your big boy and girl underpants on and try again.  I have actually become feverishly angry over what I feel are shitty, unfair reviews, but I’ve learned that it’s the nature of the beast.  It motivates me to try harder next time.  Yes, I have pride and it hurts so bad, yet it’s out of my control.  People can be and are nasty.

As for Corey and his band, the biggest music artists in the business, from Led Zeppelin to Aerosmith to Pink have been slammed by critics and laypeople alike.  Just because they rarely mention it doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting. They simply up their efforts and keep on truckin’ along.  What else can they do?  It is what it is.

So Corey, try again.  Get your ass out of bed, wipe your tears and keep going.  You have enough support out there.  I quote the movie Flashdance…”When you give up on your dream, you die.”

To all my writer friends out there, this goes for you too.  Do not stop believing in yourself, no matter how much shit you have to endure.  Keep working and try again and again and again.

Nobody can take that away…..

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The Judge

Here is a bio of the judge who screwed Sean West in court.  Her name in A Motion for Innocence is Dorothy Taylor.  She belittled the prosecution, talked down to the defendants, and even fell asleep during the trial.  Read about it here:

Read about her here:

Or here:,4675,BRFJudgeQuits,00.html

Or even here:

Here Come Da Judge!



Read more:  A Motion for Innocence; And Justice for All?

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